Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t there any trikes/scooters/mopeds?

Motorcycle Itch was created by motorcycle enthusiasts. The first rule for inclusion is, “It must lean”, so trikes are out. What about the Yamaha Niken, you ask? While it does have 3 wheels, it also leans, so it would be included (if it were still being made). Scooters and mopeds are fun, but they aren’t motorcycles, so they are out.

Why aren’t there any custom fabricators?

Custom bikes are cool! Unfortunately, by their very nature, they aren’t filterable. But they are cool!

Why doesn’t your database have bikes older than 2022?

We started this website using the current year as the baseline. Historical data would be great, but it is too difficult to find. As this website ages, there will eventually be historical data as we will keep all data from here forward.

Why don’t you have bikes from [insert your country here]?

We are a U.S. based website. Perhaps in the future there will be country specific filters. However, that is currently beyond the scope of this website.

Where does the data come from?

Whenever possible, data comes directly from the manufacturers. If a manufacturer isn’t able or willing to provide the data to us, then we search the internet ourselves to find the data. We even go so far as to search owner's manuals.

There are mistakes!

Most likely, yes. There is a LOT of data (almost 50,000 entries per model year!), so mistakes are all but inevitable. Plus, we often see conflicting data, even between a manufacturer's own website and their owners manuals. You can send us corrections and omissions on the “Contact” page. You can also send us enhancement requests from there.

Why are some of the filter headings orange?

An orange filter heading signifies that one or more filters are set in that group.

What’s the difference between “Apply Filters” and “Apply Filters Immediately”?

When the “Apply Filters Immediately” slider switch is off, the “Apply Filters” button is active. In this mode, you select all the filters you want, then with a click of the “Apply Filters” button, the filters will all be applied as a group. The advantage of this mode is you don’t need to wait for the screen to refresh after each filter selection. When the “Apply Filters Immediately” slider switch is on, the “Apply Filters” button is inactive. In this mode, each new filter selection takes effect immediately. Try both modes and see which one you like best!

How do I advertise on Motorcycle Itch?

Please see the “Contact” page.

Why are there so few FAQ’s?

Send us your questions from the “Contact” page and this list will grow!

I don’t know some of the acronyms being used!

ABS - Anti-lock braking system. You probably already know this one. Uses electronics to prevent brakes from locking-up.
Carbs - Carburetors. Old-school method of mixing fuel and air. Mostly replaced by EFI.
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection. New-school method of mixing fuel and air using electronics.
ICE - Internal combustion engine. Old-school heat engine which uses petroleum for fuel.

What is “MPG (max)”? What is “MPGe (max)”?

“MPG (max)” is the maximum miles-per-gallon number reported by the manufacturer for ICE motorcycles. This is usually the “Highway” mileage number. MPGe (max) is the maximum “miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent” number reported by the manufacturer for electric motorcycles. This is usually the “City” mileage number.

There seems to be a lot of missing data!

We do our best to find all of the data, but a lot of it just isn’t available. Whenever you see “---”, that means we couldn’t find the data.