How to Choose a Motorcycle

Author: Motorcycle Itch

May 16, 2023

I get asked this question all the time: "I’m a new rider...which motorcycle should I buy?. Or, "I’m an experienced rider looking for a new sport bike. Any suggestions?". Or, Should I get this bike, or that one?".

These questions are impossible to answer intelligently without more information: Have you ridden before? How tall are you? Do you intend on riding on the highway? Will you be taking a passenger? Will you be using it for commuting, pleasure riding, or some of both? Will you be taking any overnight trips? Will you be taking it off-road? Are you a laid-back rider, a canyon carver, a cruiser, a country road meander-er?

A good place to start in your quest to buy a motorcycle is to first think about what style of bike you might want. You can
research and compare motorcycles at where there are 24 different styles you can filter on!